Our Origin:
Dirty Water Solutions was formed in 2018 with individuals that had over 40 years of experience in water treatment.  Our goal is to treat all forms of containment water to the point it can be released onsite.  This allows the customer to save the cost of transportation and disposal.

Our Goal:
At Dirty Water Solutions, we specialize in portable water treatment and filtration.  This allows us to treat and discharge our customer’s contaminated water onsite or to a POTW, without the need for construction onsite facilities or transporting contaminated water for treatment.  We are able to save our customers money by eliminating the need for a permanent facility with building overhead and maintenance and equipment, while treating their containment water in an ecologically sound manner.  

Available Services:

  • PFAS 
  • Onsite leachate treatment
  • Contamination cleanup
  • Portable water systems
  • Employee training
  • Environmental impact analysis