Professional Treatment of
Contaminated Landfill Leachate

Our Services


We offer portable, on-demand leachate treatment solutions for a broad range of volumes and contaminants for discharge or disposal.

Water Systems

We have a variety of packaged water treatment systems designed to be swapped and combined to treat your water without bringing in unnecessary equipment.


We execute corrective action plans that implement a variety of different methodologies directly for clients or via engineering partners.



We offer a variety of environmental testing and consulting services. Let us help you identify and manage your sources of environmental liability for your new or existing project.

Why Dirty Water Solutions?

Instantly Deployable

Ease of use is goal we strive for when designing filtration solutions for our customers. Our systems are straightforward to use and easy to maintain. They can be set up and broken down with ease by as little as two people.

Intelligently Designed

An oversized or undersized system can be as bad as no system at all. Since water treatment tends to be a dynamic process, our units are designed to target and treat the contaminants present in your water source.

Infinitely Portable

All of our units are self-contained are designed to be fitted on platforms, skids, or trailers and can be deployed anywhere there is water to be treated. There is no job too large or too small that it cannot be accommodated for.

Having successfully treated some of the most contaminated water possible, we are confident we can offer superior treatment regardless of how contaminated the water source.

ANY water can be filtered

Our systems were designed and tested using some of the dirtiest landfills in the United States. In doing so, we were able to remove 99+% of total dissolved solids, chlorides, ammonia, biological solids, oxygen consuming bacteria, and sulfates. When the water was tested at an EPA lab, it even exceeded the standards for drinking water!